Gameplay Variations

This page contains a brief summary of each of the Uno Variations found on this site as well as how I rated each variation on a scale of 1-10. Click on the links for more information about each variation.

Hands Down (9/10): All players' hands are visible to all other players.

House Rules (8/10): Our standard variations for playing Uno. Includes rules for stacking Draw 2s and allowing Draw 4 cards to be played at any time.

Rainbow Fish (8/10): Go Fish with Uno cards. Has special rules for each of the action cards.

Special Card Roulette (10/10): Makes Wild cards and/or Special Wild cards have a random effect when played. Takes advantage of the List of Special Wild cards

Special Card Showdown (7/10): Allows players to choose the effect of Wild cards and/or Special Wild cards when played. Takes advantage of the List of Special Wild cards.

*New* Three Hand Uno (10/10): Each player has three piles of cards to try to get rid of.

Three Piles (7/10): Makes use of three discard piles instead of one.

Time Bomb (5/10): Adds a delay to Draw 2 and Draw 4 cards.

Uno Mao (9/10): A variation with player-created rules that are created during the game and can change every game.

Uno With A River (8/10): Adds a 4 card "River" that all players can play from.

I am always looking to expand this list, so if you have any variations that you enjoy, send an email to


  1. Have you ever heard of a game called "Can Can"? Friends of ours taught it to us (they learned it from some friends of theirs), and it's so fun that we've passed it along to many of our friends. It's a great way to dust off the forgotten deck of Uno cards and give them a vibrant new life!

    1. I've never heard of it before. Could you post the rules here or send me an email at I'd love to try it and add it to the site. Thanks!

  2. Can you explain "Uno With A River" in more depth.

    1. The titles link to the details for the variations. This page serves as an index and a summary. Try

  3. there is a uno dare, it cool

  4. We use 'jump in' in our house rule, along with stacking.

    Basically, you can jump in out of turn if the card you are playing is exactly the same as the one on the top of the discard pile (except for draw 2's, wild, and draw 4's, though draw 2s are permissible when not playing stacking) The player whos turn is after the player who jumped in goes next, thus possibly changing the turn order.
    The card that got jumped in on has no effect, but the card of the player who jumped in does, and it effects the player whos turn is next from that player.
    Example, someone plays a Yellow Skip. The player who was about to be skipped has the other yellow skip and 'jumps in'. The player who's turn is after the player who jumped in is now skipped. If a reverse is jumped in on, direction of play STILL reverses, as the first reverse that was jumped in on is negated.
    You may 'jump in' on yourself, i.e. play two cards in a row that are exactly the same.
    Once someone draws a card from the draw pile, no jump in's may happen until a card is played. i.e. you can't wait for someone draw, then jump in. (though you don't HAVE to jump in.)

    This adds an element of attentiveness to the game, and also an element of uncertainty as far as when your next turn is

  5. Is the Uno North American Fishing Edition with the Ranger card still available to purchase?

    1. I believe this is the set you are looking for: