Uno Editions

This is my attempt to catalog every edition of Uno. I regularly update this as new editions are released and as I learn more about existing editions.  I have linked each product to the Amazon listing, where available. You can use the years as a general guide for the price as recent items should be easier to obtain and less expensive. For older or discontinued items, eBay is generally the better option.  If you want to know more about what differentiates some of these, check out the Special Wild Cards page, which has more details for those items followed by an asterisk (*).

Current total: 290 editions

Standard Uno Cards:
25th Anniversary Edition Uno (1997)
30th Anniversary Edition Uno (2001)
35th Anniversary Edition Uno
40th Anniversary Edition Uno (2010)
Giant Uno (2015)
Uno (2001, 2012)
Uno ColorADD (for color blind players) (2017)
Uno Deluxe (1978, 1979, 1983, 1986, 1987, 1991, 1993, 2001, 2000, 2004)
Uno Deluxe: House Rules (1998)
Uno (Customizable Wild Cards) (2015)
Uno Retro (2014)

Uno Theme Packs:
1990's Uno (2018)
American Kennel Club Uno (Herding Group) (2006)
American Kennel Club Uno (Non-Sporting Group) (2006)
American Kennel Club Uno (Sporting Group)
American Kennel Club Uno (Terrier Group) (2006)
Angry Birds Uno* (2012)
Auburn University Uno
Baby Animals Uno (2017)
Barbie Uno (2002)
Barbie Uno (2010)
Barbie California Girl Uno (2004)
Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Uno (2013)
Batman Uno* (2005)
Batman Begins Uno (2005)
Batman: The Dark Knight Uno (2008)
Batman v Superman Uno (2015)
Beach Uno (2001)
Betty Boop Uno (2005)
Big Bang Theory Uno (2012)
Boston Celtics Uno (2005)
Boston Red Sox Uno
Boston Red Sox Uno (2005 Edition) (2005)
Boston Red Sox Uno (Acquisition) (2005, 2006)
Boston Red Sox Uno: David Ortiz
Boston Red Sox Uno (Fenway Park) (2009)
Boston Red Sox Uno (Monster) (2004)
Boston Red Sox Uno: World Series Champions (2004)
Care Bears Uno* (2004)
Car-Go Uno
Cars Uno (Victory Lap)* (, 2012)
Cars Uno (Accele-race) (2014)
Cars 2 Uno* (2011)
Cars 3 Uno (2017)
Charlie Brown Christmas Uno (2007, 2008, 2010)
Charlie Brown Valentine Uno (2007)
Chicago Bears Uno (2006)
Chicago Cubs Uno (2006)
Chicago White Sox Uno
Cinderella Uno* (2012)
Cleveland Cavaliers Uno: Lebron James (2007)
Coca-Cola Uno (2004)
Coca-Cola Uno: 1998 Special Edition (1998)
Coco (Pixar) Uno (2017)
Dallas Cowboys Uno (2006)
DC Super Hero Girls Uno (2016)
Despicable Me Uno (2016)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Uno* (2012)
Disney Channel Uno*
Disney Electronic Uno (Classic) (2003)
Disney Electronic Uno (Modern) 
Disney Fairies Uno (2008)
Disney Pixar Collection Uno (2012)
Disney Princess Uno (Classic)*
Disney Princess Uno (Modern)*
Disney Theme Park Uno (Classic)* (2005)
Disney Theme Park Uno (Modern) (2012)
Doc McStuffins Uno* (2013)
Doctor Who Uno (UK) (2007)
Dog Uno (2003)
Elvis Uno (2000)
Emoji Uno (2017)
Family Guy Uno (2006)
Fat Albert Uno
Ferrari Uno (2000)
Finding Dory Uno (2016)
Fishing Uno (2012)
Florida State University Uno (2007)
Fraggle Rock Uno*
Frozen Uno* (2014)
Ghostbusters Uno
Glee Uno* (2010)
Golden Compass Uno (2007)
Green Bay Packers Uno (2007)
Green Lantern Uno (2011)
Hairspray Uno (2007)
Hanna-Barbera Uno*
Hannah Montana Uno (Backstage Pass)
Hannah Montana Uno (Best of Both Worlds)*
Happy Feet Uno (2006)
Happy Birthday Uno (2014)
Harry Potter Uno (2000)
Harry Potter Uno (2003)
Harry Potter Uno (2005)
Harry Potter Uno (2010)*
Hello Kitty Uno (Friendship)
Hello Kitty Uno (Hello Kitty Bow)* (2012)
High School Musical Uno (2006)
High School Musical 2 Uno (2007)
High School Musical 3 Uno (2008)
Hoops and YoYo Uno
Horses Uno* (2011)
Hot Wheels Uno (2014)
Houston Astros Uno
Incredible Hulk Uno
Incredibles 2 Uno (2017)
Iron Man 2 Uno* (2010)
It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Uno (2006, 2009)
Jelly Belly Uno (2012)
John Deere Uno*
Jurassic World Uno (2017)
Justice League Uno
Kittens Uno
Kung Fu Panda Uno*
Legend of Zelda Uno (2017)
Los Angeles Angels Uno (2005)
Los Angeles Lakers Uno: Kobe Bryant 
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Uno*
Magic Tree House Uno (2007)
Marvel Avengers Uno (2014)
Marvel Avengers Assemble Uno* (2013)
Marvel Fantastic Four Uno (2005)
Marvel Heroes Uno*
Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Web-Warriors Uno (2014)
Mickey Mouse & Friends Uno (2017)
Minecraft Uno (2017)
Minnesota Vikings Uno
MLB Stars of the American League Uno
MLB Stars of the National League Uno (2007)
Monster High Uno (2011)
Muppet Show Uno (2003)
My Scene Uno
Nascar Uno (2005)
National Parks Uno 
National Parks Uno: Ken Burns*
NBA All Stars Eastern Conference Uno
NBA All Stars Western Conference Uno
New England Patriots Uno (Acquisition)
New England Patriots Uno (Dynasty) (2005)
New York Uno* (2001)
New York Giants Uno (2006)
New York Jets Uno (2009)
New York Knicks Uno
New York Mets Uno
New York Mets Uno (Acquisition) (2005, 2007)
New York Mets Uno (Citi Field) 
New York Mets Uno: David Wright
New York Yankees Uno (Acquisition) (2004, 2005, 2006)
New York Yankees (Yankee Stadium) (2010)
NFL: NFC Uno  
NFL Greatest Stars: Brett Favre Uno (2007)
NFL Greatest Stars: Brian Urlacher Uno  
NFL Greatest Stars: LaDanian Tomlinson Uno
NFL Greatest Stars: Reggie Bush Uno
NFL Greatest Stars: Tom Brady Uno  
NHL Stars of Finland Uno (2007)
Nightmare Before Christmas Uno* (2007, 2017)
Nintendo Uno*
North American Wildlife Uno 
NSYNC Uno (2000)
One Piece Uno (Japan) (2011)
One Piece: The New World Uno (Japan) (2012)
Over the Hedge Uno*
Paw Patrol Uno (2015)
Peanuts Uno
Peanuts Movie Uno (2015)
Penguins of Madagascar Uno* (2011)
Penn State University Uno
Philadelphia Eagles Uno
Philadelphia Phillies Uno (Acquisition) (2005)
Philadelphia Phillies Uno (Citizens Bank Park) (2010)
Phineas and Ferb Uno* (2012)
Pittsburgh Steelers Uno (2006)
Pirates of the Caribbean Uno*
Planes Uno* (2013)
Planes: Fire and Rescue Uno (2014)
Pokemon Uno*
Pokemon Uno: Best Wishes (Japan) 
Pokemon Uno: Sun & Moon (Japan)
Pokemon Uno: XY (Japan) 
Polly Pocket Uno
Power Rangers Super Samurai Uno 
Puppies Uno 
Ratatouille Uno*
Ren and Stimpy Uno (2004)
San Antonio Spurs Uno
Seattle Mariners Uno
Sesame Street Uno* 
Shopkins Uno (2015)
Shrek Uno* (2007)
Shrek 2 Uno (2004)
Simpsons Uno (2001, 2002)
Simpsons: Springfield Uno (Great Scot) (2005)
Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror Uno (2005)
Simpsons Uno (D'oh) (2009)
Simpsons Uno (Draw 3) (2003, 2007)
Sock Monkey Uno
Sofia the First Uno* (2014)
South Park Uno 
Speed Racer Uno (2007)
Spider-Man Uno (2002)
Spider-Man Spider Sense Uno* (2012)
SpongeBob Squarepants Uno (Super Absorbency)
SpongeBob Squarepants Uno (Secret Recipe)*
SpongeBob Squarepants Uno (Lost in Time)
SpongeBob Squarepants Uno (Jellyfishing) (2008)
Star Trek Uno (Collector's Edition) (2008)
Star Trek Uno (Special Edition) (1999)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Uno
Super Mario Uno (2016)
Superman Uno (2006, )
Superman Returns Uno* (2005)
Susan G. Komen Uno (2017)
Sydney 2000 Uno (1999)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Uno (2014)
Teen Titans Uno
Teen Titans Go! Uno
Texas Uno*
Texas Rangers Uno
Toy Story Uno* (1997, )
Toy Story 3 Uno* (2009)
University of Alabama Uno
University of Florida Uno (2007)
University of Georgia Uno (2005)
University of Kentucky Uno
University of Michigan Uno
University of North Carolina Uno
University of Notre Dame Uno
University of Texas Uno
Unocorns Uno (2017)
Uno H2O*
Uno H2O To Go
Uno Splash
Uno Splash: Finding Dory
Uno Wilderness (2015)
USA Uno (2015)
Wildlife Uno (2012)
Wizard of Oz Uno (2010)
WWE Uno (2012)
X-Men Uno (2003)

Special Uno Games:
Dos (2017)
Uno Attack (2010)
Uno Attack: Jurassic World (2017)
Uno Blast (2012)
Uno Choo Choo (2011)
Uno Colors Rule
Uno Dare (2013)
Uno Dice Game (2011)
Uno Dominos (1987)
Uno Extreme (UK) (2010)
Uno Flash (2007)
Uno Flip (with Uno Guy) (2009)
Uno Flip
Uno Hearts (1995)
Uno Madness (1995)
Uno Mod (2009)
Uno Moo (2008, 2014)
Uno Power Grab (2012)
Uno Reflex (2010)
Uno Roboto (2010)
Uno Royal Revenge (2014)
Uno Rummy Up (1993)
Uno Spin (2005)
Uno Spin: Hannah Montana (2008)
Uno Spin: One Piece (Japan)
Uno Spin: Travel (2009)
Uno Stacko (1994)
Uno Tiki Twist (2014)
Uno Tippo (2009)
Uno Wild Jackpot (2015)
Uno Wild Tiles (1982)

My First Uno:
Angelina Ballerina My First Uno (2005)
Bob the Builder My First Uno (2007)
Clifford the Big Red Dog My First Uno
Curious George My First Uno (2005)
Dora the Explorer My First Uno (2002, 2010)
Elmo My First Uno
Handy Manny My First Uno (2008)
Jake and the Never Land Pirates My First Uno (2011)
Koala Brothers My First Uno (2005)
Little People My First Uno (2006)
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse My First Uno (2008)
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends My First Uno (2005)
Rugrats My First Uno (1997, )
Sesame Street My First Uno
Sofia the First My First Uno
SpongeBob Squarepants My First Uno (2012)
Thomas & Friends My First Uno (2010)
Where the Wild Things Are My First Uno
Winnie-the-Pooh My First Uno (2001, 2011, 2012)
Yo Gabba Gabba My First Uno

Disclaimer: I did my best to link each edition of Uno with the appropriate Amazon listing. You are responsible to verify the accuracy of any product listings before purchase.


  1. Why are there no UNO Hockey Team Series Cards?

    1. Currently, the list is primarily focused on Uno editions available in the US (Doctor Who being the only current exception). I intend to eventually expand the list to include Canadian exclusives (Hockey Series), Japanese exclusives (Pokemon Best Wishes, One Piece), and any others I can find. However, I am hesitant to do so until I can really do the list justice as my information for Uno cards outside the US is currently fairly limited. Thanks for reading!

  2. I found The Golden Compass Uno today at a thrift store, but it doesn't have the rules. Do you have any idea what special function the Alethiometer card has? Thanks so much!

    1. I'm not 100% sure because I don't have that set. However, from what I've seen, it looks like it allows you to look at any other player's cards and then choose the color of play. Hope that helps. Enjoy your new Uno cards!

  3. This is list is awesome!! Thank you for posting it.

  4. What's the special rule for Batman v Superman?

    1. You can block any action (Reverse, Skip, Wild, Draw 2, Draw 4 or Wild Hero Card) with the opposing superhero on it. So, if an action card has Superman on it, you may block it with a Batman Hero Card and you can block action cards with Batman on them with the Superman Hero Card.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You pick a color and then everyone gets to pass all cards of that color to the next player simultaneously.

  6. Hi we got Pokemon Go Uno for xmas and there are no instructions in the pack do you know the rules for this set? There is a special extra purple card in the pack with no details on it and a picture of Torchic and Meowth any idea's on the purpose of this card?

    1. Unfortunately, that is not an official Uno set made by Mattel, so there are no instructions and no special rules that I am aware of. However, you might choose from one of the other special wild card abilities on this site (such as for Pokemon Uno) to use as your special wild card rule.

  7. My son accidently threw out the rules before we could play. I can't seem to find a pdf version for Paw patrol uno. It's different from other variations, there's 112 cards rather than 108...

    1. The Rules are the same with the exception of the Silver Badge card. This is a special Wild card. When it is played, the next person has to draw until he/she draws a card with Chase, Marshall, or Rubble on it.

  8. How many of these do you own? We are UNO collectors and may have some that are not on this list. Also noticed that there are a few on here that we have yet to find. I believe we own around 250 different ones.

    1. I was starting to think I was the only Uno collector out there, so it's nice to see someone else shares my passion. Although, I'm an amateur compared to your 250. I have roughly 50. I prioritize those that I have a personal interest in or that are particularly hard to find (my latest being Magic Tree House Uno).

      And if you ever have time to add some to this list, I would love the assistance. I'm behind on some of the newer ones, but thought I was fairly comprehensive for 2015 and prior (at least for the theme sets). Feel free to email me at

  9. what is the name of the uno game where the 7s are used to switch cards with another player and the 0s makes every body give their cards to the next player?

  10. Your Uno with Customizable Wild Cards Amazon's link is directing to the wrong link

  11. same story, special edition and missing directions. iv got sock monkey uno and wonder what the hat card is for

  12. The H2O editions seem to have been released a couple of times. The one from 2004 is a little different than the ones from later editions. The originals replaced 2 of the Wild Draw 4 cards with the 2 new Downpour cards instead of just adding them to the deck, which always annoyed me. The later edition seemed to rectify this but now had the problem of being a little TOO transparent as you can see the numbers if you hold the cards up to a light, whereas the original from 2004 was not so transparent in the area of the graphics/numbers. Been looking to get a couple of extra Wild Draw 4's so I can have a true full deck of UNO H2O. Just a matter of finding an earlier version (the box is slightly smaller and comes with a different/more rigid box than later versions (the ones that can be found on ebay and Amazon).

  13. Just now noticed you seem to be missing the "Party Favor" UNO (VERY small UNO cards that come in 4-packs with each pack essentially being 1/2 a deck of UNO cards). Then there's the "sequel" to UNO: DOS. Something I just discovered myself last night, lol.

  14. Do you have 1982 Uno Collector's Edition?

  15. I picked up a chinese-language copy of Uno H20 (Nice sturdy box for the deck, but the cards are still card, rather than plastic - also no 'special' cards other than the normal). I noticed that all of the cards have chinese script on them in the white space around the numeral/symbol. I ran a couple of them through Google Translate, and it's things like 'Turn on the spot 10 times', 'Deeply kiss your shoe' or 'Do an expression like Marilyn Monroe'.

    They're definitely printed on, not hand-written, and there's no reference to it that I can see on the outside of the box (Foil card wrap, Chinese and English blurb that seems to match up). Unfortunately there's no instructions slip.

    I've done a very little amount of googling and haven't seen reference to this. Is there such a thing as a forfeits deck?

    1. That said, I've just found a couple of characters that I'd not translated on the front of the sheath, and it says 'Punishment edition'.

      So, yeah. Uno with Forfeits.