My wife and I love board and card games! Our game closet consists of everything from the casual to the complex. And for some reason, we started collecting different versions of Uno a few years back. We now have 20 different sets of Uno cards, including Uno Spin and Uno Attack (I'll be sure to include a list and a picture in an upcoming post).

Today, my wife and I were playing one of our Uno games when we decided we should try to spice it up with some sort of variation. However, a quick Google search for "Uno variations" led to only a few mediocre attempts, most of which sounded boring or included rules that we have made part of our house rules already. So, we decided to make our own variations and share them via this blog! Lucky you.

I envision that while the beginnings of this blog will be largely dedicated to Uno and its possibilities, but eventually I'll be sure to branch out to other games and perhaps include game reviews, recommendations, or whatever else sounds good. Enjoy!

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