Welcome to Uno Variations!

This site is devoted to variations on the classic game of Uno. It started out as a site for gameplay variations, but has since evolved to include information on different themes of Uno as well, particularly the Special Wild cards that make each Uno set unique.

Check out the links across the top of the page for easy navigation. Here is a description of each page:

Home: Aside from containing this Welcome post, the home page contains posts for each of the Uno Variations in reverse chronological order.

Gameplay Variations: Gameplay variations are the meat of the site and this page acts as a central repository for links and basic information on each variation to help you decide what you want to try out. These variations can also be found on the Home page below this Welcome post and are linked to in the Uno Variations panel to the right of this frame (except on mobile devices).

Special Wild Cards: This page has a list of some of the different themes of Uno cards that exist as well as a picture of each of their Special Wild cards and a description of its effect. I update this page periodically as I get new sets of Uno cards. I find this page to be the most fun to work on and it is certainly the most visually appealing, so check it our.

Classic Uno Rules: If you need a refresher on the basic rules of Uno, check this page out.

Uno Editions: This is my ongoing attempt to list all of the existing versions of Uno games.

About Uno Variations: This page explains the origin of this site and has a sweet picture of part of our Uno collection.

I am always looking for new variations and other ways to expand this site, so feel free to send any comments, variations, or suggestions to UnoVariations@gmail.com.

Note: This post will remain at the top of the post list, so to see the latest posts, scroll below this Welcome post on the Home page.


  1. Does anyone know the rule for the Tom Brady Passer wild card?

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